Local doctors give advice on coping with spring allergies

JACKSON, Tenn. — Allergy season is paired with the plants of spring time.

flowers“We’ve got the trees producing pollen, and the pollen gets in and stirs allergies, causing allergic reactions,” said Jake Mallard with the UT Agriculture Extension Office.

Springtime means your body is exposed to pollen.

“When your body’s exposed to this pollen, it starts a small allergic reaction,” Dr. Peter Gardner, with Physician’s Quality Care, said. “It releases histamine, a chemical released by your eyes that gives you the itchy eyes, runny nose, the cough, those kinds of things.”

Everyone has a different reaction to individual plants.

“People are allergic to different ones. You’ve got weed pollens, tree pollens, so you’ve got to realize what season you’re in and what allergy you have,” Mallard said.

Dr. Gardner said over-the-counter medications are helpful in reducing symptoms of this allergic reaction and said peak pollen counts are between 5 a.m. and 10 a.m.

“Stay in a climate-controlled environment,” Dr. Gardner said. That means when you’re commuting to work, keep your car windows up, and when you’re at home, don’t raise your windows to let the air in.

Doctors also warn to be careful when purchasing over-the-counter medications. Some can make you drowsy, so be careful if you are going to drive.

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