U of M Lambuth hosts Do It Art Exhibit

JACKSON, Tenn. — The art exhibit on display in the Varnell-Jones Hall at the University of Memphis Lambuth, Thursday evening, was anything but boring.  Actually it was quite hands on.  Visitors didn’t just look at creations, they made the art.

The “Do It” art exhibit allows visitors to create what the artist envisions.  They just have to follow the artists’ instructions.  The creator compares it to scores of music.  Musicians read the music but can interpret it different ways.


do it art1

“I hope to broaden their idea of what is art and what art can be,” said Lendon Noe, the exhibit curator.  “I want them also  to see what community can be.”

Some of the exhibits or “scores” involved pictures, rearranging household items, even coloring.

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