Church hosts egg hunt to teach Easter story

JACKSON, Tenn. — Easter Egg hunts are in full swing across West Tennessee, just before Palm Sunday.

Aldersgate United Methodist Church had their annual celebration Saturday, where kids cam eager to hunt. The church said they put out thousands of eggs, candy, and toys for kids to find.

One of the most special parts of this hunt is the symbols hidden along with the treats. The pastor said they hid 17 symbols of the Easter story.

“They love to find it, but it gives me a chance to really present the Gospel, the real meaning of the story, and just kind of adds some fun to it. I’ve used those symbols now for several years,” Dr. Barry Scott, the church’s pastor explained.

The symbols hidden across the church property include everything from a cup, representing the Lord’s supper, to a cross, representing the story of Jesus.

Scott also said he loves the opportunity to get the community involved with the Easter story.

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