Witness describes Medina car trapped in power lines

Woman trapped for two hours Friday after driving up a power line

MEDINA, Tenn. — Around 11:30 Friday night, Jeff Wilson and his family woke up to an unbelievable scene outside their Medina home.

IMG_2905“Daughter and I come out to see a bunch of fire trucks, and then we see a car on top of the telephone pole,” Wilson said.

The car was hanging from the power lines with the driver still inside.

“It appeared that she veered off the side of the road and she hit the guide wire and run up the guide wire to the top of the pole,” Medina Fire Chief Jeff Rollins said.

According to Chief Rollins, the 56-year-old woman was unfamiliar with the area and was driving too fast at the time of the wreck.

“We had to call the power company and got them there because the pole that she was hanging from was connected to a high-voltage power line,” Rollins said.

The woman was inside the car for two hours before emergency crews could rescue her, Rollins said. He said the power company feared if one of the lines broke, not only would the car have fallen, but the entire area would have lost power.

Although there have been rumors that alcohol bottles fell out of the car when crews got it down, Wilson says he was watching the entire time.

“I never saw any bottles fall out the truck,” Wilson said. “The pictures I took and the videos I took — I can’t say that I did.”

According to Wilson, who has lived near the crash site for years, drivers tend to lose control and end up in the ditch or gate by his home. He hopes more drivers slow down.

The driver was transported to Jackson-Madison County General Hospital with no serious injuries. At this time, the driver hasn’t been charged.

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