Power From Tyler O’Neill

JACKSON, Tenn — After exploding for 32 home runs in Single A ball in Bakersfield. Tyler O’Neill has started a streak with the Jackson Generals. He has posted a hit in every game so far this season.

O’Neill has two home runs on the year, one going as far as 430 feet!

O’Neill has a simple strategy for his success and has stayed that way throughout his career, advancing up the minor league season each year.

“Moving up every year you know is great, not having to repeat. Hopefully I can keep doing that year in and year out. I mean I haven’t really changed much, I just tried to stick to a simple approach, you know just see the ball and wait for a good pitch to hit. And so far it’s working alright,” O’Neill said.

He has a long season left, 129 games to be exact, but he’s off to a good start so far.