Workout Wednesday: Making time for exercise


This is the first edition of Workout Wednesdays. In the future we will touch on different parts of the body to work out and how.

JACKSON, Tenn. — Working out can be time consuming for some people with a busy schedule. They don’t have time to get to a gym before or after work. But did you know workouts can happen outside of the gym?

“Walk around the park, or take your dog for a walk,” said Emmanuel McClerking, a personal trainer at LIFT Wellness Center in downtown Jackson. “Dance if you’d like. There’s always something you can do just to get moving.”

But then some people will say they don’t have time. Well, we have an answer for how long you should work out.

“So there’s not really a set time range for a workout. You just really need to feel the burn,” McClerking said. “So if you can get your workouts done in 10 minutes, that’s great — 15 or 20, that’s even better.”

It takes a little time to get in the routine of working out. But if you shake the bad habit of not working out, it can change your life in a matter of three weeks.

“Accomplishing a goal is just a great feeling, so it makes me feel great. It makes my clients feel even better,” McClerking said. “So as far as that goes, it’s just an overall amazing feeling.”

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