Natchez commission delays action on changing billboard law

NATCHEZ, Miss. (AP) – The Natchez Planning Commission has postponed action on changing the city’s billboard ordinance.

The Natchez Democrat reports the group on Thursday delayed considering the recommendations from Interim City Planner Riccardo Giani, which include reducing billboard size and doubling the required space between them.

Natchez Preservation Committee member Liz Dantone asked the commission to consider an expansion to the existing scenic corridors, where no billboards are allowed.

The Natchez Board of Alderman first moved to prohibit billboards in the city’s scenic corridors in 1994, and gave companies 10 years to collect revenue from the signs before removing them.

Commission member Deborah Martin said she tabled the motion so that they could submit the proposed changes and the expansion of the scenic corridors to the board of aldermen at one time.