Brownsville police want residents to claim recovered property

BROWNSVILLE, Tenn. — When burglary investigations end, recovered items can sit at police stations a long time before they are claimed.

Brownsville recovered property“We just encourage everybody to come in and if they have anything missing or think they have something missing, just contact us,” Brownsville Assistant Chief of Police Kelvin Evans said.

Recently, Brownsville police have made a number of arrests in connection with car and home burglaries in the city, which means stolen property that was once evidence can be claimed by their owners.

“Because of information and tips and investigative techniques, we did manage to recover quite a bit of property and a lot of it unclaimed,” Evans said. According to Brownsville Assistant Chief of Police Kelvin Evans, some of these items were recovered as far back as July 2015, and others were never reported missing.

“We have recovered anything from flat-screen TVs to electronics to jewelry,” Evans said.

Cell phones, navigation systems, tablets and even personal checks fill the department’s storage closet. Brownsville police encourage anyone who may own items that have been confiscated to come to the police department to claim their property, and of course have some type of proof the item belongs to them.

“Any kind of markings or scratches or anything to identify their property,” Evans said. “If they can prove it, we’ll return it.”

Police say the majority of these items were stolen from unlocked cars, so they encourage drivers to remember to lock up.

If you have had any items missing and want to check if Brownsville police have recovered them, call 731-772-1260.

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