Eagles first trip to The Boro

CHESTER COUNTY, Tenn — The Chester County followed in the footsteps of their sisters the Eaglettes. They are headed to Murfreesboro for the first time in school history.

Head coach Mike Goff said, he’s had a lot of teams want to make it this far but never could, so he’s really excited to make the trip.

The Eagles had to overcome some bumps in the road along the way, but a good group of seniors made this trip even more memorable.

“Just the senior bond, that was created all year long, the younger guys looking up to the team and really seeing how bad they wanted something like this,” Goff said. “I’ve had a lot of teams want this for a very long time, and this is our first opportunity there and we’re pretty excited about the chance.”

The Eagles will play Christian Academy of Knoxville, Tuesday at 6:30.

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