TBI seeks 3 women in connection with Milan death investigation

MILAN, Tenn. — The TBI is searching for three women in connection with an ongoing death investigation.

TBI Milan graphicThe bureau is asking the public to help locate Laura Gibson, two unidentified women and a white pickup truck.

All three women are believed to be in Milan or in the surrounding area.

Joseph Ferguson has lived in Milan his whole life, and works at Vestel Automotive across the street from the Budget Inn Motel where Christopher Grant Eskew was found injured inside a motel room according to the TBI.

“It was actually kind of crazy to be honest to be in Milan and have something crazy like that happen behind your business,” Ferguson said. “It kind of makes you question all the people who through the door, just kind of crazy.”

Ferguson said he was on his way to the store to meet his brother for a Sunday fishing trip when he got a shocking call.

“I was heading in to Milan my brother called me and told me that the cops were over here and he needed me to come over show them all of the footage we have for them to figure out what kind of vehicle it was and what they could see,” Ferguson said. “I hope they catch them, ain’t no telling what it was over, but they’ll find out one day.”

Call 1-800-TBI-FIND or Milan police at 731-686-3309.

The TBI had previously referred to this as a homicide investigation. They now are referring to it as a death investigation pending autopsy information, according to Public Information Officer Josh DeVine.

DeVine said Eskew later died at Milan General Hospital.

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