Sheriff Pusser Festival draws thousands to Adamsville

ADAMSVILLE, Tenn. — The name Buford Pusser is displayed throughout the town of Adamsville—”the youngest Sheriff ever elected in the state of Tennessee” and “killed in car accident in 1974.”

“When they leave the house that morning, they have no idea they’ll come home, what they’re going to be facing each time they stop the car—they go on a particular call, what’s going to happen to them. It takes somebody really brave and they sure don’t do it for the money because it’s not a big paying job,” says Buford Pusser’s daughter, Dwana Pusser-Garrison.

pusserPusser was shot eight times, stabbed seven times and was known for his unique way of fighting crime. Ultimately, a car accident in 1974 is what ended the Sheriff’s life.

For 28 years, Dwana Pusser-Garrison says her father has been drawing crowds, not only to his house which was transformed into a museum after his death, but also to a yearly event.

“It’s amazing to me all these years later that my dad is still bringing people in here,” says Pusser-Garrison.

Not far from the historic home is where thousands will gather this weekend to celebrate local law enforcement. This weekend is full of free concerts, tours of the home, fireworks and story telling.

A new project is also soon to be underway.

“It will be to honor and in memory of law enforcement officers and we’re going for a grant about that right now, and sell bricks and stones that will be engraved in memory of,” says Pusser-Garrison.

Pusser’s family says they hope this will be one more way his legacy lives on.


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