Brownsville enforces city’s pit bull ordinance by picking up unregistered dogs

BROWNSVILLE, Tenn.-Just a day after Brownsville police had to capture a pit bull after allegedly attacking a family, the department is cracking down.

Monday, Brownsville police made their rounds, picking up any pit bull dogs that were not in compliance with the city’s pit bull ordinance.

Since that ordinance went into effect in March, assistant police chief Kelvin Evans said only four owners have registered their dogs, so the department will be forced to pick up any unregistered dogs.

“I  know of two separate incidents of pit bull attacks, so now that the 60 day grace period is up we are enforcing the city ordinance against pit bulls,” said assistant police chief Evans.

According to the ordinance, pit bull owners must muzzle their pets when taking them for a walk and have them micro-chipped.

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