He’s out there! Bigfoot hunters gather in Mississippi

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (AP) – A group of people interested in learning more about the mythical creature Bigfoot attended a rally in Hattiesburg.

The event Saturday was called the 10th annual Down South Bigfoot Rally and was held at the Paul B. Johnson Park.

Don McDonald, from the Gulf Coast Bigfoot research organization, hosted the event. He told WDAM television that he has spent 20 years trying to track down the creature he calls Bigfoot.

During the event, he showed what he described as evidence of Bigfoot, including footprints and a recording of the creature’s whistle.

McDonald says he’s been called “crazy” for his beliefs but he’s not worried about what people think of him.

Bigfoot is a mythical apelike creature also referred to as Yeti or Sasquatch.