Bruins prepare with new coach

JACKSON, Tenn — The USJ Bruins finished last season 11-3. One win shy of playing for a state championship. This year they welcome a new coach and a new style of offense.

Rusty Bradley took over the program and has installed his fast pace, up tempo type of offense that will keep defenses on their heels.

For the players, their excited for what’s to come this season.

“Honestly we lost a lot of great talent, but we also got a lot of great talent,” said Jacob Buie, quarterback.  “You know people we’ve had in the past, they’ve definitely improved, got a lot stronger, a lot more athletic. So I think we have the players to replace the players we lost in the past years. So I think we’re going to be, I’m not going to say we’ll be better, but we’ll be good, we’ll be close.”

As for the style of coaching Bradley brings to the field, that’s welcomed as well.

“Just the excitement that he brings about football,” said Wells Smith, wide receiver.  He just tells us all the time, he stays up until three o’clock at night just thinking about us, just thinking about practice the next day and the tempo that he brings to our practices and stuff, it’s contagious, he brings to everybody.”

The Bruins start things off with First assembly Christian from Memphis.

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