Peabody fall preview

JACKSON, Tenn — The Peabody Golden Tide came up one game short of playing in the state title game last year.

With that tough loss, head coach Shane Jacobs used that as motivation the entire off season for his ball club. They return a ton of talent, and with the addition of Tab Vowell to their defense, the Tide look to make a serious run this season. Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 9.22.26 PM

“You know we were excited about them coming in, and even more so know,” said Jacobs.  “You know having coach Vowell in has brought in a lot of energy and a lot of excitement, I know the kids really like him well. All the coaches are really meshing well together, so we’ve had a good time working with each other and just really excited about coaching all of them.”

The Tide start the season off against the Milan Bulldogs, but you won’t catch coach Jacobs looking too far ahead.

“We had a good playoff run there, that we were fortunate enough to put together,” said Jacobs.  “You know none of that means anything coming into this year. We all have zero losses and I know it’s a cliche but we have to make sure we understand that. We’re not guaranteed anything, certainly not entitled to anything. We have to work, as though we are a zero win football team right now.”


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