Stores preparing for tax-free weekend

JACKSON, Tenn. –With tax-free weekend coming up this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, many stores are offering deals and sales to help you get ready to go back to school.

school-supplies8.jpg“We’re expecting a tremendous crowd. Last year was humongous for us,” said Best Buy general manager Robbie Rains. “We had a lot of people coming in here.”

Stores are getting ready for the annual Sales Tax Holiday, and the savings will help you send your kids back to school without breaking the bank.

“We have 300 items in our selection this year that are under a dollar, 600 items that are under $2 and 1,000 items that are under $3,” Wal-Mart store manager Mary Browning said.

The savings also extend to those going off to college.

“We have really good deals on small TVs for the college students,” Rains said. “We have the refrigerator, microwaves and things you might need for the college or the dorms.”

These savings will help college student Emily Patrick.

“I’m looking at buying a MacBook Pro,” Patrick said. “I’m going to save a lot on it, actually.”

Although back to school is usually for the students, Wal-Mart says don’t forget the teachers as well.

“The average teacher spends about $490 out of their own pocket in order to help supply their classrooms,” Browning said. “I think the tax-free weekend helps the community, helps the teachers, helps the students and the parents afford the supplies they need to send their children back to school.”

As for making sure the store is stocked, stores are preparing for that as well.

“If you’re looking through our stores, we have tons of printers, we have tons of everything,” Rains said. “We have two trucks coming in before the weekend gets here, so we’re going to have adequate supplies.”

The tax-free items include computers under $1,500, clothing items under $100 and school supplies such as pencils, notebooks and book bags.

For the complete list, visit the Sales Tax Holiday website.

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