Hornets gear up for the fall

MEDINA, Tenn — The South Gibson Hornets finished last season 6-4, just missing the playoffs by one field goal. This year head coach Scott Stidham is not even thinking about the playoffs right now.

“We just talk about being a family and leaning on each other,” said Stidham.  “The world tells you to be selfish but you can’t be selfish and be a good football team.”

The Hornets still have a few holes they need to fill in before the start of the season, but coach Stidham is very optimistic.

“We still got to find a quarterback that can play, replace Austin Dunkin,” said Stidham.  “You know we return eight guys on defense, and we’re excited about them being able to run around and get to the football.”

It’s a cliche, but all coaches say you win by doing the little things right and being disciplined. That’s one thing that the Hornets will have on their side.

“Just the little things, you know the things that playing physical, and doing their technique exactly right,” said Stidham.  “When we do that and play hard, we got a chance to be pretty good.”