TCA looks to get over the hump

JACKSON, Tenn — In the past three seasons, the TCA Lions have found themselves one win away from playing in the state championship.

This year head coach, Blake Butler, is taking a new approach with his team, preaching “thrive instead of survive.”  This meaning is for his players and how they approach each day of work on the football field.  Butler said he doesn’t want his kids to come to practice and just go through the motions. He wants them to take something away from each practice.

“You know we talk about trying to thrive instead of survive, and that’s something we want our guys to have a mindset of,” said Butler.  “You know we get out here, it’s an opportunity to get better not just, we got to get through this.  The teams that can do that, are the ones that are going to have success later in the season.”

The Lions have a little work to do before taking the field week one, and coach Butler will admit it.

“We’ve got a young team right now and a lot of guys need to grow up,” said Butler.  “But we’re starting to see areas of improvement and you know, any coach that would say he’s happy with his team right now probably either has a state champion sitting there or you know is lying to you. We all have room for improvement, we all want to get better, and that’s the biggest thing I want to see today is these guys continue to push and get better.”

The Lions open up their season against St. George’s for the fourth consecutive year, looking to tie the series at 2-2. Coach Butler calls this a great test for the opening match up, lets him know where exactly his team is and if they need to change anything before it gets too late.


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