Sisters look for twins adopted from Union City

JACKSON, Tenn. — Two sisters are looking for their long-lost twin sisters after finding out they existed 50 years later.

13886330_135964583511128_4635793809468086119_nPatricia Penman and Jane Thompson have lived the past five decades of their lives like most people. Patricia lives in Michigan, and her sister Jane lives in Hendersonville, Tenn.

However, this past month at a family gathering they found out there is more to their family.

“Our aunt informed us of our twin sisters that were born in 1960 and adopted in 1961,” Patricia said.

They say they immediately began the search, tracking the twins to Union City.

They contacted child services in Union City, and after filing more paperwork this week, they are waiting.

“They would further search the archives and then they will, if they can find the girls, they will contact them and tell them we are searching for them,” Jane said.
They have some basic information about their sisters. Their birth names were Lynn and Lisa Thompson. They were born in Detroit, Michigan, in November or December of 1960. From there, they were placed in foster care in Union City before they were adopted out.

“My children are adopted, so I certainly understand all that goes along with that, and it would be something special. Just like Pat said, it would be great,” Jane said.

If you would like to keep up with Patricia and Jane, you can follow their progress on reconnecting with their twins on their Facebook page, Adoption Search for Sisters Adopted in 1961.

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