TSSAA Approves pitch count for high school baseball

HERMITAGE, Tenn — The NFHS Baseball Rules Committee passed a policy which states that all state associations must develop its own pitching restriction policy based on the number of pitches thrown during a game to afford pitchers a required rest period between pitching appearances.

The Board voted to approve the following Pitch Count regulations for the sport of baseball.


  1. Make sure properly warmed up prior to any throwing activity. Use proper equipment to aid in the warm up. (Surgical tubing, etc…)
  2. Make sure a proper dynamic and static stretching plan is followed prior to throwing.
  3. Educate pitchers on proper mechanics and techniques of throwing.
  4. Monitor for signs of mechanical breakdown and fatigue.
  5. Take immediate action if a pitcher complains of pain.
  6. Consult a trainer/doctor/ trained coach upon completion of game pitching activity.
  7. Put in place and follow a prescribed post pitching rehabilitation program.
  8. Make every effort to avoid pitching a player in multiple games on the same day.



  1. Cannot use the same pitcher three (3) days in a row regardless of number of pitches thrown.
  2. If pitchers hit their END number, they are allowed to finish the batter in the box regardless of END number.
  3. Highly recommended that a coach check with a coach on the opposing team between each half inning to make sure pitch counts are in congruent. ( the same )
  4. Home team would be final correct count.
  5. Both teams would sign documentation pitch form at the end of each game.
  6. The pitch count will apply to a player who pitches. JV pitch count and high school varsity pitch count would be linked together. Example – Pitcher A pitches Varsity on Monday 45 pitches, not allowed to pitch JV on Tuesday.
  7. The pitch count applies to regular season and postseason.



For more information on the new guidelines, click here.

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