Local auto store collects donations for Louisiana flood victims

JACKSON, Tenn. — Flooding in Louisiana is pulling at the heartstrings of team members at O’Reilly Auto Parts. Christi Pickens said she saw the impact of the devastating rising waters and wanted to help.

orielly flood donations“I have eight stores in Baton Rouge, and they have families also,” Pickens said. “These 10 members need clothes, they need any regular items you could probably think of.”

Pickens originally planned on taking a hub truck, but because of how much the store has already collected, they’ll be taking a trailer to flood victims this weekend.

“I felt really bad for those team members down there and their family members are without. We still have things, and I thought it would be great to take donations down there,” Pickens said.

She and two others will take turns driving after they get their trailer loaded with items such as toiletries, clothes and even some toys for kids. The crew says they may make more than one trip.

O’Reilly is accepting donations at these locations:

1300 South Highland Avenue | 731.427.2469
3204 North Highland Avenue | 731.668.5726
2469 North Central Avenue | 731.824.9244
3069 South 1st Street | 731.686.7692
404 West Church Street | 731.450.0211
304 East Main Street | 731.772.7420
2041 US Hwy 45 Bypass South | 731.855.7679
217 West Market Street | 731.658.3078
735 Mulberry Avenue | 731.646.3474
15563 Highland Drive | 731.393.4227
443 Robeson Street | 731.635.3719
844 Highway 51 West | 731.287.0422
117 University Plaza | 731.587.6440
903 Mineral Wells Avenue | 731.641.0527
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