A biker ride in support of a baby boy with a heart condition

TRENTON, Tenn — Community members in Trenton gathered in support of a little baby boy with a serious heart disease.

A ride was set Saturday afternoon for Taelon Powell, a one-month-old baby boy, who was born with a serious heart condition.

“We had no idea that he had it until the day after he was born. It’s very serious if he doesn’t have the surgery it’s not something that you can live with he has to have the surgery,” Taelon’s mom, Savannah Powell said.

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 4.39.15 PMTears of joy came down from Powell as she thanked organizers who planned the event.

One of the main sponsors was the VFW post 4798 in Trenton and their commander Dwayne Davis.

“They’ve donated the banquet room for us at no charge and any and everything we’ve needed,” event coordinator, Sam Barkley said.

Sponsors who donated $100 or more or items for the event got to have their names recognized on the “Ride for Taelon” t-shirts.

While the bikers took off for the ride many supporters and family members stuck around to enjoy baby Taelon and bid on items from the auction.

“The support of the community has been awesome if it wasn’t for the community and the volunteers we wouldn’t be able to do this event,” Barkley said.

Mayor of Dyer, Chris Younger found out about the event and wanted to contribute.

“Being a mayor is more than just running a town it’s giving back to citizens,” Mayor Younger explained.


Powell said she’s thankful for the love and support that the community has shown her.

“It is a true blessing. These are complete strangers I don’t hardly know anybody here except for my family and my kids of course and you know now their not strangers their family,” Powell said.

All donations go to help with travel expenses for Taelon and his mom to and from the doctor’s appointments, in Nashville and Memphis.

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