American Legion bikers ride through Hub City

JACKSON, Tenn. — American Legion biker veterans from all across the country passed through the Hub City Monday afternoon.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 5.55.18 PMFour-hundred bikers revved their engines as they took off for the second day of a seven-day ride through seven states.

“We have been running them hard,” national commander Dale Barnett said. “They look sunburned just like me, but you know, we’re going yo go five [more] days, 1,300 miles, seven states.”

They hope to raise $1 million. They’re currently at about half a million.

“We have people giving us money as we go into truck stops and do a refuel because they know that veterans help veterans, and what a great message for America,” Barnett said.

The money raised goes to the American Legion Scholarship Fund, which helps disabled veterans pay for their children’s education.

“I’m Larry from post 28 in Grand Haven, Michigan. Our post would like to donate $3,000,” rider Larry Foose said Monday. “Our little 60-rider group would like to kick in an additional $1,500.”

“Oh, bless you. Thank you, man,” Barnett said. Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 5.55.34 PM

Bikers say the best part about the ride is the camaraderie it brings to the communities they visit.

“To see the reaction of the communities — we were driving through southern Indiana yesterday, and on the overpasses were fire trucks and flags, and it was great,” Barnett said.

The ride will conclude in Cincinnati, Ohio, on Saturday and will be followed by the group’s national convention.

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