Rodeo brings out young participants to show their skills

OBION COUNTY, Tenn.-The Obion County Fair knows how to rodeo, especially when it comes to stick horses.

Kids took part in the stick horse rodeo Wednesday night. Some kids brought their own, while others used borrowed steeds.
But that is not the only area they competed. You can add egg tossing to the event list that brought out about 10 competitors.

“I hope that they get a sense that they can compete and be a part of the community and that the fair is part theirs. It’s not just something they can go watch, they can also participate with,” said Cassie Hendon, a Future Farmers of America advisor.

The kids had to show their strengths in other areas too, such as milking a cow and riding a bull. Each participant received a ribbon and $1 for each event in which they competed.

The FFA at Obion Central High School sponsored the rodeo.

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