Hair stylist showcase talents at first ever “Cut Party” in Jackson

JACKSON, Tenn. — For the first time a unique and cutting-edge party was held in the Hub city. Barbers and hair stylist from across the country were in Jackson Sunday night to showcase their skills when it comes to creating a fresh fades and  stylish cuts.

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 10.22.50 PM“High action, fast, it’s going to go down real quick,” Robert Murphy the owner of Futurlistics Barber shop and Salon said.

Fresh cuts, unique styles and plenty of colors were on display at the first ever cut party in Jackson.

The owner of Futurlistics Barber Shop and Salon hosted the event after attending similar events in larger cities.

“We can bring some things to Jackson that’s done in other big cities,” Murphy said. “We want to show them that we can bring some of the same things here.”

Hair stylist from across the state and country, worked to showcase their talents.

“Really a showcase for a lot of talent other artist, and other beauticians and stylist and artist to showcase their works and network at the same time,” awarding winning barber from Nashville Talent the barber said.

“Kind of stepping out the old ways we use to do hair shows and showing basically, like, how we do the styles and what it takes to create the styles that Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 10.22.14 PMwe do,”  Deon Shepherd of Natural Trendsetters Salon in Humboldt said.

In just 15 minutes, stylist had to create one of a kind designs on their models as the audience cheered them on.

Although the DJ  kept the crowd going, for the artist tonight was about networking.

“The thing about the hair industry is its diverse. Its culture diverse, it’s just many different styles,” Talent said. “It’s a lot of actual talent out there as far as the artistry and stuff involved with hair that people don’t see every day.”

Soon after the stylists worked on the women, the barbers took to the stage to do their 15 minute cut demonstrations.
The owner of Futurlistics Barber Shop and Salon says the cut party may become an annual event in Jackson.

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