Youth takes charge at local church in east Jackson

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 4.40.27 PMBRADFORD, Tenn. — Sunday’s service at Anointed and Appointed Global Ministries church was a little different, it was the youth who lead with worship. A youth explosion was the theme for local church members.

The young people expressed their love for church through dance, song, and prayer. Senior pastor, Lashondria Snipes said the idea of letting the youth run a service didn’t come overnight.

“So what we started doing is having the youth coming to the church we would just start teaching them giving them activities.We started implementing this into our Sunday services so every fourth Sunday we would dedicate a service just for the youth.” Pastor Snipes said.

AAGM has another church in Brownsville, but this is the first year the youth explosion has been brought to Jackson. One youth member, who runs audio for the church, felt other members are helping him prepare for the future.

“You come here and they’re helping you prepare for college, prepare for the battles in the world, spiritual warfare and everything just to set you up for life and get you ready for when God comes back.” Kinley Hellom said.

Snipes said the goal is to bridge the gap between youth and the church in hopes of making them feel more included during service.

“I love the youth that’s our new generation for now it’s not a next generation but it’s a now generation.” Snipes said.

15 year old Kinley is thankful that he has a church family who shows so much love, and brings peace to his life.

“It’s amazing because growing up I wasn’t raised in the best neighborhood. I come here and it’s like all the pain and all my past and all the trauma that I’ve been through, it’s like it’s gone it’s not even there anymore.” Kinley said.

Pastor Snipes said some of the youth from the community, who aren’t members, also came to join in worship on Sunday.

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