Buie earns MVP for week 2

JACKSON, Tenn — For the second week of the season, USJ’s Jacob Buie takes home the MVP of the week honors, for his four touchdown performance last Saturday. Buie helped lead his Bruins to their first win of the season, taking down TCA 42-7.

Just three weeks ago Buie was in a walking boot on the sidelines watching his team play in the SportsPlus Jamboree rehabbing from a broken foot. Now he’s leading his team on Friday nights with minimal practice time.

Head coach Rusty Bradley said he knew Buie would return at some point, so it was about giving him mental reps and keeping him focused for the time being. In his first start against FACS, Buie only had five practices under his belt and the rust showed. He tossed five interceptions in a loss.

“Very first game coming out you know, I only had five practices prior too and you know, came out rusty but I guess all it took was that one game to shake the rust off a little bit and gain some confidence for week two,” said Buie.

With more practice time, Buie responded well against TCA as he felt more comfortable in the huddle and in the pocket. He credits that to what he did, while he wasn’t able to practice.

“Obviously, really the entire summer I didn’t have, I wasn’t able to get physical reps at quarterback but I was always standing behind you know, making my mental reads,” said Buie.  “Getting mental reps and just always staying focused, so I guess by the time I came out the walking boot I was just ready to go.”

This week Buie will try and follow up his impressive performance when his team hits the road to take on TRA.


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