JMC Library has free ‘key’ to learning for students


JACKSON, Tenn.-Have you read any good books lately?  If it has been a while since you dropped by the library, now is a great time.

Hundreds of kids, and some of their parents came out the the Jackson-Madison County Library, Tuesday night to sign up for the their very own free library card.  The director of the library said it is great to see so many kids with their parents sign up to discover the joy of reading.

“Many times the children can come. But getting their parents here for the fist time to actually sign them up for the card, that’s a big deal. But we have so many parents that have brought their children tonight, I’m so excited,” said Dinah Harris, director of the Jackson-Madison County Library.

For more information on signing up for a free library card, visit the “Seen on 7” section.



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