“Salt and Light” Banquet raises money for Area Relief Ministries

JACKSON, Tenn.- Area Relief Ministries hosted its “Salt and Light” Banquet, Tuesday night at the Carl Perkins Civic Center.

Also known as ARM, the organization helps to provide emergency shelter, and community development services to those in need.
This event is their largest fundraiser and featured special guest speaker Inky Johnson, a former Vols football player.

“I think as people sometimes, we just need a tune-up, you know. Nobody is broken, you know. I think they just need a tune-up on looking at life with a different perspective, understanding that the things that we’re part of and the things that we do, serve a lot greater purpose than just ourselves,” said Johnson.

Area Relief Ministries was started in 1991. Leaders said they hope to continue helping the community through its programs because of events such as the Salt and Light Banquet.


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