Kirkland Cancer Center holds bone marrow donor registration

JACKSON, Tenn.-Right now, more then 14,000 people across the country are awaiting a bone marrow transplant.

Wednesday afternoon, Jackson’s Kirkland Cancer Center held a special drive in hopes of finding some matches.
Participants filed out forms and had the inside of their cheek swabbed for cell typing.

Mrs. Tennessee, whose platform is saving lives through bone marrow registration says more potential donors are always needed.

“It’s very rare to be a match, so the more people that we get to register, the higher the chances will be that if one of our family members, our loved ones need it, that it will be gotten, we’ll have matches,” said Mrs. Tennessee Dawn Williamson.

To find out more about becoming a potential bone marrow donor, look for the link in the “Seen on 7” section.

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