Prather dominates the poll for MVP

SAVANNAH, Tenn — In the 2016 season so far, Hardin County athlete Davius Prather has been on a tear. Prather starts on both sides of the ball, even taking snaps as the teams punter.

On the season he has, 92 rushing attempts for 393 yards and 10 touchdowns. In the air he has completed 24 of 47 passes for 393 yards and two touchdowns. On the defensive side of the ball he has 10 solo tackles, two assists, one fumble recovery, two pass break ups, one tackle for loss and two blocked kicks.

Last weekend Prather shook up the internet for his play when he hurdled a Crockett County defender, which would be called back because leaping over a defender is illegal in high school football. But it didn’t stop fans from showering Prather with praise and reminding him of how good the play was.

His head coach Mathew Smith had to let Prather know his athletic skills need to take it a notch down, before he gets ejected from a ball game. But sometimes, it’s just instincts.

“You know I just come out to the side, see somebody coming towards me and it just comes to me you know, am I going to juke him or I’m going to jump over him,” said Prather.

He went on to say that he would not hurdle anyone this week because he is a team player and that is what’s most important to him. Prather said he and his Tigers work hard each and everyday to put a good product on the field. He described some of the things he and his team went through when no eyes were on them in order to succeed.

“We just grew together you know become a great team and I just come out here and I push myself on my running and my sprints and I try to pick up the teammates when, in as much way as I can,” said Prather.

The Tigers and Prather will look to continue their strong start to the season when they take on Craigmont.