TWRA confirms cougar sighting in Wayne County

WAYNE COUNTY, Tenn. — The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency has confirmed a cougar sighting in Wayne County.

Cougar TWRA Wayne CountyThe sighting reportedly took place between Linden and the county seat of Waynesboro, according to a release from the TWRA.

A trail camera captured an image of the cougar Sept. 4, and the agency began investigating.

The agency has confirmed eight sightings since September 2015, according to the release, with the previous five confirmations in Humphreys County.

This is the first documented sighting in Wayne County.

Check out the TWRA’s Cougars in Tennessee web page for more information including a list of confirmed sightings.

Anyone sighting a cougar, especially accompanied by supporting evidence, is asked to contact the TWRA. Contact information is listed on the agency’s website.

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