Local church marches to spread prayer, love and peace throughout Jackson

Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 9.27.57 PMJACKSON, Tenn. — A local church took their message beyond the walls of their church, and straight to the streets of Jackson. Saturday afternoon leaders of the Zion Church of Jackson say their rally wasn’t about Black Lives Matter or All Lives Matter. Their message was about prayer, love and to save Jackson. Walking down Old Hickory Boulevard, this march may have resembled a Black Lives Matter protest, but if you listened closely the group was praying.

“With what was going on this week I just couldn’t let this go by without us making some noise our way about it,” the Zion Church of Jackson Pastor Shamond Scales said. “So I said, lets take the service from the church, lets take it to the streets. Lets walk and pray.”

Members of the Zion Church of Jackson and supporters of the Save Jackson movement walked Saturday afternoon to show there’s unity in prayer.

“African-Americans marching, and they are actually going to think its for hate, but we was out here to spread love on both sides,” Save Jackson leader Cameron Turner said. “For police officers, for victims, for everybody.”

“The prayer today it was just powerful,” Zion Church member Chelsea Jones said. “People stopped and they beeped and they praised god with us. It was short but it was good and I think it just had a big impact on the city of Jackson.”

Even though the walk lasted about 15 minutes, the group says their goal was accomplished and hope more will join the walk next time.

Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 9.28.49 PM“Because we want change on the streets, we go walk on the streets,” Pastor Scales said. “We decided to pray, not protest, not a riot but peace and prayer.”

“More churches in Jackson will join,” Jones said. “More pastors will come and we’ll have a bigger walk and it’ll be way longer than the walk we did today. Shutting down all kinds of streets, hopefully highways next time.”

Supporters say they pray things get better across the country but acknowledge that change starts at home.

“It’s about showing the community we’re here and that we love them and that somebody’s praying for them,” Turner said.

“We see world news but we forget about our own city,” Pastor Scales said. “We have things going on in our own city that needs prayer. People that just believe in peace and prayer to come together.”

Pastor scales says he is thankful for the support of the Jackson Police Department who lead the group up and down Old Hickory as they prayed. The 4:32 signs stand is the name of the churches youth group. It represents Ephesians 4:32 a bible verse that speaks about forgiveness and compassion.

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