Clover creek aerodrome hosts 8th annual fun fly-in

Screen Shot 2016-09-25 at 2.24.32 PMTOONE, Tenn. — Folks in Hardeman county took flight Sunday as they gathered for the eighth annual fun fly-in at Clover Creek Aerodrome. The event has brought remote control enthusiasts from all over the state and several other states together for a fun weekend of flying.

John Schroder, who owns the land and organizes the event every year, said he loves to invite people to come out and fly every fall.

“Years ago as a young man I decided I wanted my own piece of property to where we can have our friends come over and fly. This piece of property worked out perfect for us,” he said.

David Moser, one of the attendees, has been flying for 16 years and he’s been involved with the fly in since the beginning. According to David,  things have changed for the best over the years.

“It’s been growing every year. It went from the first year I think we had 15 registered pilots and this year we had almost 60.” Moser said.

Some attendees said the best part is that they can leave the competition at the door.

“No competition involved here strictly a fun fly.” Attendee Jeremy Hartmann said.

Folks used this three day event to show off their aircrafts, perform cool tricks, and enjoy their hobby.

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