Milan takes home team of the week

MILAN, Tenn — For the Milan Bulldogs week six performance against McNairy Central beating them 49-0, they won team of the week voted on by the fans.

Head coach Jeff Morris said he thinks his team performance is based off what they get done during the week.

“What happens on Friday’s is a product of what you get done during the week,” said Morris.  “I’ve always thought about a game on Friday like taking a test in school, about how well you do on a test in school is about how well you have prepared yourself up until that test. You loaf in practice, you don’t pay attention in practice, you’re not ready to play on Friday nights.”

The Bulldogs will enter Friday’s match up with Dyersburg with only one loss, the same as the Trojans, but Morris doesn’t think too much into wins or losses.

“We don’t celebrate wins too long around here and we don’t get all depressed about losses,” said Morris.  “Just kind of move forward, we try to correct our mistakes. We try to get better. We move forward. Time we got back to the field house, I was, I kind of moved on ahead to Dyersburg. Even when we lost to Liberty, the time we got back to the field house, it was on to Huntingdon.”