7-year-old boy treated for cancer has wish granted

JACKSON, Tenn.-A seven year old boy who just finished treatments for cancer received a surprise he had been wishing for.

Monday, the Make-a-Wish Foundation with the help of the Union University Chapter of Chi Omega helped Noah Ellsworth’s wish of going to Disney World come true.

Members from the foundation and students at the school gathered to reveal the good news to him. The students were dressed as iconic Disney characters.

Noah’s dad, Tim Ellsworth said it is truly a celebration.

“We wanted to make sure he was done with treatment before we did something like this, and so it is certainly a celebration for us. It was two years and eight months of going through treatment and going through chemo every single day along the way. We are glad that he is finished and that he is healthy,” said Tim Ellsworth.

The family leaves Saturday for Florida and will go to Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World.


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