Construction on new Forest Hill Park basketball courts begins

JACKSON, Tenn.-The long-awaited construction of new basketball courts at Forest Hill Park began, Monday.

This is the city’s second phase of revitalizing the park after the old court was buckling from tree roots, making the court unsafe to play on.
The courts are the most used part of the park, and the new 70-thousand dollar court is being moved to the old baseball field.

A leader with the parks and recreation department told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News why people are going to really enjoy it.

“Anything that’s new, people always will enjoy, plus it will be larger, and it’ll have markings. We’re going to have the 3-point ring and the lanes and all of that so it’s going to be really, really nice,” said Tony Black, executive director with the Jackson Parks and Recreation Department.

Officials said they hope to have the project completed by November.
The city also wants to start a summer league there next summer.

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