Voters have 1 week to register for presidential election

JACKSON, Tenn. — Time is winding down to make sure your voice will be heard this November for the presidential election. As candidates try and sway voters, election officials want you to be able to vote.

ELECTION COMMISSION“If you have moved since the last time you voted, you need to update your address with the election commission,” Madison County Election Administrator Kim Buckley said. “These things are just part of being a good citizen — not only to vote, but to have your information correct and ready to go when you arrive at the voting place.”

There’s also a different way for those 60 years and older to vote.

“If you are age 60 and you would like to vote absentee, that is a possibility,” Buckley said. “You can vote by mail and you don’t have to wait in line. So if you’ll contact the election commission in your county, they can help you with that.”

To qualify to absentee vote, you have to have voted at least once or have registered in person.

And don’t forget, all voters must present a state or federally issued photo ID when going to the polls.

For more information about voting, visit the Madison County Election Commission website.

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