Choctaws take home team of the week honors

NEWBERN, Tenn — The Dyer County Choctaws defeated the Chester County Eagles 28-3 on Friday night and that earned them week seven’s team of the week. Head coach David Whittle and his Choctaws got off to a slow start to the season but they started to do some things differently which has helped them since.

“One thing is focus,” said Whittle.  “Focusing on the little things a little bit more than what they did early in the year.  You know and if they’ll focus on those little things and come and try to work on them everyday in practice and improve. You know it’s going to improve our chance to win a football game.”

Their current record right now is 3-4, but Whittle said he just cares about his players efforts.

“Just competing whether we come out on top Friday night or not,” said Whittle.  “We want our kids to compete and give it everything they’ve got and leave it all on the field. You know, they only get so many games in a year so they can’t take it back. So we want them competing on every play and we tell them, the harder you compete, the better chance you have to win a football game.”

The Choctaws will look to keep the things rolling this weekend when they take on Ripley.