Safety campaign helps raise money for Henderson dog park

CHESTER COUNTY, Tenn. — A national campaign to promote child safety has begun in the city of Henderson. It’s not just to keep our little loved ones with two legs safe but to protect our four-legged friends too.

Screen Shot 2016-10-06 at 5.10.33 PMAcross Henderson and Chester County, residents may have noticed these small signs with a big message — “Drive like your kids live here.”

“And we just think people need to take that one moment to catch their selves and be aware,” campaign co-coordinator Teresa King said.

To promote safer streets, Henderson police and the Chester County Sheriff’s Department have partnered with the city for this campaign. It’s not just promoting safety but raising money for our four-legged friends as well.

“We thought, well, this is a great initiative for us to initiate an awareness campaign and raise funds for the dog park at the same time,” King said.

That dog park will be built at Gene Memorial Park. Signs are already up there reminding drivers to slow down for the little ones and the fur babies.

Screen Shot 2016-10-06 at 5.09.29 PMWith all the proceeds going toward the dog park, neighbors think it’s a great idea.

“Because there’s so many animals that don’t have a place they can get out off of a leash and run and socialize with other animals,” mother and dog owner Donna Pickle said.

“Drive like your pets live here” signs are also being sold for $15. Either sign can be purchased at The Plaza on West Main Street, Southern Chic Boutique or Henderson City Hall.

“They don’t watch, so we have to watch out for them,” Pickle said. “Just like we have to watch out for these babies.”

The city hopes to start building the dog park in the next month or two.  They hope the space can be used for pet owner awareness sessions in the future.

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