Adam’s Harvest Fundraising Dinner gives attendees opportunity to feast, fellowship

JACKSON, Tenn.-Dozens gathered in west Jackson, Tuesday night to fellowship, feast and fundraise.

The 2nd annual Adam’s Harvest Fundraising Dinner was held at The Farm at Casey Jones Village.
For the first time this year, attendees enjoyed a five-course dinner of foods prepared by the old country store…in the fields of The Farm.

Organizers said the event is a great way for ministries, non-profits and organizations to meet and to connect with one another.

“They’re all sharing with one another, what their needs are and when we hear what our needs are, and there’s people in the audience that are gonna understand how they can respond to the need,” said Juanita Shaw, co-owner of The Old Country Store in Jackson.

All of the proceeds will go into the West Tennessee Healthcare Foundation’s Historic Farm Preservation and Education Fund.

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