Henderson County fire department gears up to open additional fire stations

Screen Shot 2016-10-15 at 3.33.10 PMLEXINGTON, Tenn — The Henderson County Fire department has started to increase fire protection in a big way.

The department is welcoming six new fire stations and Saturday Station 17 was the first to have it’s open house. It’s part of the department’s plan to be able to respond to fires quickly.

Captain Scottie McClure said “We have 11 primary stations, but when they was initially mapped out it left an over five mile road mile gap between certain structures in the county.”

Fire officials said the stations will be within 5 miles of every house inside the county. District Five commissioner, Susan Montgomery explained the role she played in getting the new locations.

“We approved the additional fire stations and then he has got additional grants from the state for equipment and things like that.” Montgomery said.

There were also public education brochures for home safety, and some information about the state fire alarm program.

Community member, Erin Estes said “We’re well educated after events like today my children were just saying let’s go home and practice our fire drill again.”

Captain McClure said “Some of the people that’s in this area we are having them come in and sign up to where we can get more members we’re getting more stations we’re going to need more help.”

Some community members feel the additional stations will leave them worry free if a fire happened in their area.

“We live just about half mile down the road and we are very excited to see Station 17 to come into the area so that we know that we’re safe in case of an emergency.” Estes said.

The next location to open will be fire station 15 in Middleburg, Tennessee. The open house will be October 29.

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