Henderson Co. hires director to bring in business, jobs

LEXINGTON, Tenn. — Henderson County has hired a new person to help bring in business and create jobs, this after two local plants announced hundreds of layoffs this year.

teresajonesHenderson County officially welcomed a new face Monday. Teresa Jones will serve as executive director of the Lexington Henderson County Alliance. Her goal is to bring in businesses that create jobs.

“I’m going to work with the state government and I’m also going to be knocking on doors,” Jones said.

In May, Leroy-Somer announced plans to lay off 180 workers in Lexington. In September, city leaders confirmed Johnson Controls would cut 300 jobs.

Lexington Mayor David Jowers is optimistic Jones will help bring jobs back to the area. “It is so competitive now that if you don’t have that person out there in the field doing your work then you get put aside,” Jowers said.

Henderson County Mayor Dan Hughes said Jones will research businesses and keep inventory of available spaces they can move into. “She will be our representative on the road constantly,” Hughes said.

Jones said she hopes to use local ambassadors from within the community to help sell other companies on the area. “It’s a process,” Jones said. “It’s going to take time. We’re developing relationships.”

Hughes said this newly created position is paid for by cities and the county.

Jones comes to Henderson County from East Tennessee. Jowers said she started working last week.

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