Woman fights to build package store in Bolivar

Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 10.14.24 PMBOLIVAR, Tenn — A plan to ultimately bring business to Bolivar is denied by the city council, Tuesday night.

“It was a sad night int he City of Bolivar,” City Councilman Julian McTizic said.

Tuesday, Maria Howell and her lawyer went before the Bolivar City Council asking them to change a city ordinance prohibiting package stores outside of downtown.

“This year, I have filed two applications, both of them denied.” Howell said.

Howell owns two other businesses in Bolivar and said she doesn’t want to just build a liquor store but a strip mall that could bring in up to 10 new businesses.  Hoever, by a 3-4 vote, Howell’s request for a business license and to change the city ordinance was denied.

Her attorney, Danielle Elks said the city does this for money purposes, charging a higher tax rate for liquor stores in the downtown area.

“Minutes reflect of prior commission meetings that in this general area double taxation is assessed against these establishments and the city can increase their revenues.” Elks said.

It’s a decision councilman McTizic says the city will regret.

“Not only will the City of Bolivar lose property tax but Hardeman County will as well,” McTizic said.

If approved, the strip mall would be built behind one of her own businesses, El Ranchito restaurant.

Howell says if Bolivar doesn’t want her business she’ll find a city that does.

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