Dept. of Correction officers to check sex offenders Halloween night

JACKSON, Tenn. — The state is working to keep kids safe this Halloween.

decorationThe Tennessee Department of Correction will check on thousands of sex offenders this holiday season to make sure they follow seasonal restrictions.

Kids will hit the streets this Halloween to trick-or-treat. Tamara Graves, a parent, said her children usually stick to organized trunk-or-treat and church events. “I don’t feel safe like it used to be when I was a kid,” Graves said.

TDOC said it will check up on more than 750 sex offenders in West Tennessee before Oct. 31 and then recheck about 350 on Halloween night.

“This is just a way for our officers to make sure these offenders are doing what they’re expected to do, that they are compliant with the rules” TDOC District 61 Manager Jeremy Buckelew said.

The state said sex offenders must remain in their homes between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. They cannot put out fall decorations, wear costumes or dress in disguise. Fall festivals and parties are also off limits. TDOC said porch lights must be off and sex offenders cannot answer the door for trick-or-treaters.

“Be vigilant,” Buckelew said. “Be with your children. Stay with them. Know where you’re going.”

Graves said this year her kids will likely forgo traditional trick-or-treating. “I’m scared that something might happen,” she said.

TDOC said if sex offenders do not comply with seasonal restrictions they could face additional charges.

To find out about sex offenders in your area, see the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation sex offender registry map here at

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