One LANA homeowner transforms yard into ‘spooktacular’ sight

JACKSON, Tenn.-It is the night ghost and goblins look forward to all year..Halloween.

Monday night, trick-or-treaters, decked out in their favorite costumes went in search of treats.
One west Jackson homeowner in the Lambuth area went all out to show off her Halloween spirit, decorating her home for the spooky holiday.

She said some kids are a little apprehensive in coming up to her door to collect their share of sweets.

“Watching the little ones be tough. One year, my son was sitting in front of the freezer, acting like he was dead and this little boy jumped smooth out of the car and just bawled to him and didn’t even act like he fazed him. He was all dressed up, just didn’t faze him,” said Charlotte Hay, a LANA resident.

Hay said for the past 6 years she has decorated her yard with more than 130 pieces of Halloween decorations..
She said it takes her about three weeks to set it all up.

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