Medina mayoral race heats up with 3 candidates on ballot

MEDINA, Tenn. — With only a few days left until the election, the race for mayor in the city of Medina is heating up.

screen-shot-2016-11-04-at-5-19-57-pmThe incumbent, Mayor Vance Coleman, and two challengers are on the ballot.

The first challenger is Piper Jenkins, who’s currently an alderman for the city.

“I’ve seen the need to make some changes here within City Hall, how we communicate with our citizens, our department heads as a whole,” Jenkins said.

The second candidate is Steve Murphy, who previously ran in 2012. Murphy said he fell about 5 percent short during that election year.

“I want to take the door to the mayor’s office off the hinges, because I want people to know that they can come to my office as mayor and explain to me any issues that they have,” Murphy said.

Mayor Coleman said he’s running his campaign off 12 years of experience in office.

“Strong ties with our representatives and our senator in Nashville, strong ties with the people in Nashville, which is where you get your grants,” Mayor Coleman said.

All three candidates say they have what it takes to make changes for the city of Medina.

“I’m accessible to everyone at all times,” Jenkins said. “City Hall will be open doors — anyone has any concerns or problems, feel free to call me.”

Challenger Murphy says he has plans and solutions. “I have a platform that not only addresses the issues, but it talks about a way to solve those issues,” Murphy said.

Coleman emphasized his experience in office.

“You can look at my record and see what I’ve done here in the city of Medina and what the city has started from when I started and where it is today,” Mayor Coleman said.

If you didn’t get a chance to vote early, Election Day is Tuesday.

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