Tennessee Education Lottery Educator of the Week: Randy Wilson

CARROLL COUNTY, Tenn. — This week’s Educator of the Week presented by the Tennessee Education Lottery teaches music in Atwood.

educator-randy-wilsonRandy Wilson has been teaching music for 27 years. He picked up his first guitar at the age of 7.

“I started to play a little guitar, then I joined the band and played the trumpet all through high school, junior high, and those are still my two main instruments, trumpet and guitar.”

Wilson says he was inspired to become a teacher because his high school band director made an impact on him.

“I learned everything I know about marching band from Bill Watson, and I’m happy to credit him with my success,” Wilson said.

He says it makes a lasting impression on him when he is able to do the same thing for his students that Mr. Watson did for him.

“I have so many good kids that have come through here that are now band director themselves, so that makes me feel kind of good — that I’ve influenced people.

Wilson says he loves his job because most days it doesn’t feel like work and says he doesn’t do it to be recognized.

“I had a student last year, and as she was leaving class she said ‘thank you,’ and I said ‘for what?’ She said, ‘for teaching me.’ I almost cried. It’s never happened before.”

Wilson will now be eligible for the statewide Tennessee Education Lottery Educator of the Month Award.

Starting in December, to vote for him or any of the other nominees, visit seehowitaddsup.com.

To nominate a teacher for our weekly award, email us at educator@wbbjtv.com with why you believe the honor is deserved.

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