Local church celebrates the culture of Scotland with annual Kirkin’ of the Tartans service


JACKSON, Tenn — The culture and heritage of Scotland took center stage Sunday at a west Tennessee church.

Members came together for an annual tradition, the Kirkin’ of the Tartans service. The service celebrates the Scottish roots of the Presbyterian church.

Kirk means church in Gaelic, and Tartan is plaid.

Church member, Susannah White said “it’s not about being Scottish, or it’s not about being Presbyterian even. It is the origin of our church.”

White is apart of the Gordon clan, or family, the largest clan in Scotland.

“I grew up being apart of Kirkin’ of the Tartan all of my life went to the Scottish games and highlands and every line of my family, but one is from Scotland.”

The service began with a processional. Music filled the sanctuary from wolf river pipes and drums. No matter where you’re from church members brought all types of plaid and laid them at the front of the church representing the weaving together of families.

“Kind of like laying it at the foot of the cross saying here’s my family here I am take me Lord and use me.”screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-3-55-50-pm

Reverend John White said it’s important to remember why you celebrate and pass down history from generation to generation.

“Every tradition must point to a greater truth beyond itself .” Rev. White said.

“Our church has people from all different parts of the world and most of those people don’t have a Scottish background, but we are all connected through Christ Jesus.” Susannah said.

First Presbyterian also celebrated All Saints Sunday, remembering the ones who have passed as well as living saints. After service members gathered in the fellowship hall for an afternoon brunch.

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