Milan High School senior wins Bethel University scholarship competition

MILAN, Tenn. — It was a normal day for Milan High School senior Autumn Webb — that is, right up until economics class.

screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-5-59-26-pmAutumn was surprised Tuesday afternoon by Bethel University, who came to announce she was the winner of the 28th annual Hendrix Scholarship Competition.

“This past weekend, the competition consisted of an essay, Hendrix tests, and interviews,” said Tina Hodges, director of admissions at Bethel University. “So we took the highest point-winner to win the competition.”

This scholarship rewards her with four years of paid college tuition as well as room and board, adding up to a grand total of around $100,000.

Autumn says that with being part of a family of five with a single income, this financial assistance means a lot to her. However, during the competition, she had more obstacles than just nervousness.

“I had a calculator. I started the math part, and I turned it on and it flashed on and went dead,” Autumn said. “And I was like, OK, so I guess I’m working out my hand.”

Autumn told us she has big plans for the college fund she won’t have to spend on tuition.

“I’m either going to use it for some community service projects or helping out my family if they needed it,” Autumn said.

Autumn plans on pursuing a major in sociology or biology and hopes to join the university’s golf team.

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